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A-1 Irrigation & Technical Services is the authorized Reinke Manufacturing Dealer located in Brooks, Alberta in the County of Newell.

We have a LARGE inventory of parts for Reinke Pivot Systems as well as repair parts for Competitive Machines. Our staff are trained and helpful. We pride ourselves in listening to our customers needs and partnering with the grower to navigate the irrigation season with ease.

Bring your agricultural irrigation troubles to us today! You won’t be disappointed.

We also stock a variety of parts for residential, acreage, and other water applications.

A-1 Irrigation & Technical Services takes Federal Government to Court

Statement from Bill Anderson

Owner/ Operator of A-1 Irrigation & Technical Services

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms was put in place to protect the fundamental freedoms of individuals and corporations from all levels of government.

There were two main reasons we would not agree to check the “I attest” box.

First, the federal government infringed on our rights by requiring us to attest “respect” for particular values and rights.  Section 2 of the Charter protects us from being required to adopt or express “respect” for the government’s chosen beliefs and values.  Canada is a free and democratic country, and citizens cannot be required to express respect for particular beliefs or values, especially to be eligible to participate in a taxpayer-funded government program providing summer jobs for students.  This requirement is simply unacceptable, and EVERY individual in the country should be concerned.    

As a business, we are bound by law to comply with the applicable human rights acts.  We are in full support of human rights. 

Second, our small business focusses on irrigation products and technologies and should not be forced to take sides in the Liberal government’s “culture war”.  Further, the requirement to check the “I attest” box requires my wife and I to express that we support abortion.  This we cannot do.  This is not about whether abortion should be legal or illegal, but rather whether we and our business should be forced to align with the government’s prescription of beliefs to be eligible for a taxpayer-funded grant program.

Every single citizen in Canada should be upset when the government infringes on Canadians’ Charter rights.  This is too important to “sweep under the rug”.  We are not suing for the grant, but only for a declaration that this “attestation” requirement violates the Charter.  Every person we speak with has asked, what this will cost?  Our response: what is the price tag for your freedoms?  Many Canadians gone before us fought and died for these very freedoms.  We do them a disservice by not standing up and fighting for the freedom we inherited. 

Prime Minister Trudeau should apologize for his unlawful policy.

We thank the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms for representing us.  Thank you to the many people who have reached out to us with words of encouragement, prayers and offers of financial support.  Donations towards this court action can be made directly to the Justice Center of Constitutional Freedoms at www.jccf.com.  We also encourage our fellow Canadians to support organizations that stood up and refused to sign the attestation, and now as a result, are struggling to keep their operations functioning.

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