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A-1 Irrigation is now a distributor of K-rain irrigation products. We can help homeowners and contractors with your underground irrigation needs. We stock the following K-Rain products.

MINI PRO ROTOR Perfect for small lawn and landscape areas and for replacing fixed sprays.
RPS75 ROTOR Is designed for basic residential and light commercial applications and is a direct replacement for the HUNTER PGP rotor.
SUPER PRO ROTOR With its patented flow control allows you to reduce the distance and flow rate proportionately for even water fall out and better zone performance. When turned off completely the riser says popped up for easy nozzle changes and adjustments.
PRO SPORT ROTOR Is the next generation of professional rotors, designed specifically for sports turf applications. Unique triple nozzle configuration, primary nozzle for long distance and two secondary nozzles for mid-range and short distance coverage.
PRO-S SPRAY A rugged contractor friendly spray line is compatible with all standard female threaded nozzles. We stock 4” and 6” models.
ADJUSTABLE ROTARY NOZZLE Designed to fit into standard pop up spray head, provides uniform coverage over conventional fixed pattern spray nozzles while delivering matched precipitation.
PRO SERIES 100 VALVES Unique tilted diaphragm creates better flow path than traditional globe style by decreasing friction loss and increasing flow rate. A straight flow path allows debris to move through and the turbulent water flow cleans the diaphragm filter screen.
PRO SERIES 150 VALVE Offers the professional a wide array of features and benefits including a removable external bleed screw and metering pin to simplify cleaning and maintenance. With the external bleed screw, manual operation during start ups is easy.
RPS 46 MINI IRRIGATION CONTROLLERS Designed for residential applications, the RPS 46 has four individual programs to allow for efficient watering on separate programs.
RPS 469 MID-SIZE IRRIGATION CONTROLLERS Designed for residential & light commercial application, the RPS 469 has six individual programs to allow for efficient watering on separate programs.
PRO EX MODULAR IRRIGATION CONTROLLERS Can be easily expanded from 4 to 16 stations. Large backlit display and user friendly programming takes the PRO EX to a whole new level.

We carry the following underground irrigation supplies in conjunction with the K-rain irrigation products.

VALVE BOXES Stock a variety of valve box sizes for most irrigation applications.
SWING JOINTS Poly swing joints in a variety of sizes and lengths for quick installations.
IRRIGATION WIRE 18/3 and 18/7 low voltage irrigation wire kept in stock.
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